Experience Matters

With over 35 years of packaging and converting experience, KRW Packaging Machinery Inc., owned and operated by Kenneth Wilkes, has established itself as one of the premiere companies with a proven record in innovative packaging solutions.

Breaking down old standards

Ken along with his talented group of designers and technicians at KRW have set their sights on improving standard packaging which has remained stagnant for many years. KRW Packaging Machinery has created Wolverine Tuff® which is revolutionizing the way many pourable products are packaged, shipped, stored, dispensed and disposed of. This advanced style of packaging is extremely versatile and lends itself to a wide variety of recreational and commercial uses.

We at KRW Packaging feel confident that the Wolverine Tuff® line of packaging is ideally suited for many manufacturers and end users.

We look forward to helping you in your quest for packaging that is reliable, cost effective, innovative and ecologically friendly.

Innovative, award winning packaging design recognized by the industry

  • NRA Innovations Award
  • Food & Beverage Product Innovations Award at the 2012 National Restaurant Show
  • Food Packaging Associations 2013 Highest Achievement Award
  • DuPont Silver Award
  • 2015 R&D 100 Award Finalist in Mechanical Devices/Materials (Co-developer/Supporting Developer)