“Has to be one of the best inventions for backpackers and campers since the invention of the canteen. It is extremely light weight when empty and can be stuffed into almost any place in your pack. No more bulky water bottles. It is made of heavy duty plastic and should last you for many trips to come. The best part is that after being on the trail all day and finally making camp, you will only have to go for water once. Our last trip we had two and had enough water to cover eight people for our evening and morning drinking and cooking needs. No more running to your water source multiple times to refill water bottles every time you want to cook or make some trail coffee. Grab yourself one for your next trip. I assure you, you wont be disappointed.”

Douglas F. | Sonara, CA

Friends, just wanted to let you know I just finished a year cruising the barrier islands and living out of a sailing kayak, off the sea. I’ve been doing this for years. Out of all the top quality name brand products, yours has been the best I have ever used. I kept two 2.5 gal in the cockpit and multiple flat ones for collecting rain water and filtering water (some only for dirty water, some for clean). The harsh environment destroys the most expensive dry bags, hard and soft water containers break. For the first time, this is the only range of products that never failed at all! I used them through Hurricane Harvey, 2 snows, several hard freezes and many 100+ degree days. Because they take up little space, I could catch a months worth of water on a good rain and keep it until i moved on. Anyway, I’m back to refit as this was a hard weather year but I’ll be buying more! Best camping gear investment I’ve ever made! Thank you.

Kevin B.| Port O’Connor, TX

Smart Bottle with Spout Attachment

“While backpacking we found the 1-gal was ideal as a main reservoir for our base camp. We would fill it with filtered water from a local source and then use it as our main supply point for cooking, cleaning, washing and refilling our smaller water bottles. It saved us trips on refills. Lightweight and compact, it stored easily in our packs when hiking.”

Weston R. —San Pedro, California

Smart Bottle with hanging attachment

“When dry camping (no hook-ups) in my Class-B motor home for more than a few days, I have limited fresh water storage in my internal 33 gallon tank. I used to carry three extra Sparklett Bottles (5 gal each) to refill the tank as I used my internal supply. But with three of these 5-Gallon bottles I carry the same amount of water yet save on space when they are empty as they fold neatly for storage.”

Mike S. | Carson, California

“Before our Colorado river trips, we fill a couple of 1-gal with our favorite juice drink and freeze them. Placed in our large coolers, they act as ice to keep the contents of the ice chest cool while providing us with a cold drink as its contents melt. A great product that is versatile and compact for our needs.”

Mike D. | Bakersfield, California

“The 1-gallon fits nicely in the back compartment of my kayak. As I drink it’s content it collapses and saves space. When empty I just roll it up and tuck it away. A great space saver.”

Pete M. | Fort MacArthur, California